Does Pretzel Pay its Artists or Labels?

Pretzel compensates it's artists and rights holders in three different ways.

  • Attribution - every time your song plays on a broadcasters stream who is using a free Pretzel account (on Twitch or Mixer), a link appears in the broadcasters chat showing the Artist and Title of the song, as well as a link to your song on Spotify. So we push traffic to your Spotify. 
  • Profit-Sharing - 70% of all net membership revenue (meaning after payment processing fees are taken out) is paid directly to the artists as royalties. 
  • Song Requests - On Twitch the Pretzel extension has a song request feature. This feature allows viewers to spend money on having your songs played. 70% of the money spent on requesting your song also goes to the artist or rights holder. Song Requests are currently disabled while we build out a new extension.