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How do I create/share/delete a playlist?

Premium subscribers can create and share unlimited playlists.

Free members can access playlists curated by others, but will not be able to create or play their own manually created playlists until they are subscribed. Likewise, previously Premium subscribers will lose access to their playlists after their subscription expires.


To add a track to a playlist, when the song is playing or loaded into the player, click the Playlist button located on the far left of the playback control dashboard.


When clicked, this will prompt you either to add the track to an existing playlist, or to create a new playlist.


Once the track has been added, you can then find it on your Playlists page. Clicking on the cover image will automatically start playing the playlist, while clicking on the playlist title will bring you to the playlist section page.


Your playlist section page will allow you to see what tracks are in the playlist, as well as share or delete your playlist. If you are using filters, such as "instrumental only" or "YouTube Safe" -- it will show you what tracks are available to play. Any track that is unavailable will be greyed out and the filter icon will appear where the track length is located.

Playlists currently only play shuffled. More playback features are planned for future updates!