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My YouTube video got a copyright claim. Now what do I do?

If you have received a copyright claim, we want to help you.

Submit your Claim here: Click Here

Pretzel aims to be 99.99% free of complications from muted VODs and copyright claims. However, we're working with hundreds of artists and managing thousands of tracks. Mistakes, false positives, and copyright trolls are going to occasionally happen. We know that having hassle-free music is the biggest draw for our users, so we work as quickly as we can to resolve those issues when they arise. But you can help us move the wheels a little faster by following these steps:

How to file a dispute against a claim on your YouTube video:

Google/YouTube checks copyrighted material through its own internal content ID system.

1. Log in to your YouTube channel Dashboard and go to your Video Manager.


2. Under the Video Manager tab, click Copyright Notices.

3. Identify and select the video/copyright you want to dispute by clicking "Includes copyrighted content" on the video containing the Pretzel track.



4. Let us know! TwitterDiscord or with this form. Let us know the name of the track, the name of the artist, the name of the entity claiming the video and send us screen captures if you can. Every bit of information helps us.

5. After clicking "File a Dispute", click on and highlight "I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material".



6. Verify that you've selected the proper dispute and click continue.



7. In the area titled "Please explain briefly", cut and paste this message:

I have obtained the appropriate sync license for the track in question through the company Pretzel Tech. The artist, by entering this track into the Pretzel catalog, has consented to granting Pretzel users sync licenses in all original YouTube content that comply with their Terms of Service.

Check the box for the area that begins with "I have a good faith belief that...".
Check the box for the area that begins with "I understand that my video will be viewable by the claimant(s)..."

Type your name into the signature space at the bottom.

Click Continue.

Okay, I did all that, now what?

Now the responsibility shifts to the person/company that made the copyright claim (which isn't Pretzel, just to be clear) to release the claim (and Google will release any revenue you made on that video to you so long as you filed within five days of receiving the claim).

Pretzel will also work during this time on our end to find out if this is a filing mistakenly made by someone on behalf of the artist, if it's a copyright squatter/troll, or if it's simply an error. Normally, claims are released when content creators file a legitimate dispute. In the off chance that the claim is upheld, Pretzel will already be working to contact the claimant directly to resolve it.