Pretzel was acquired by Songtradr? What does that mean for Pretzel?

We are excited to be joining the Songtradr family!

Who is Songtradr?

Songtradr is a music rights ecosystem and licensing platform. They handle music licensing for film, video, TV, brands, video games, and more. Songtradr is the largest, cleared-for-licensing, music marketplace in the world.

Is the Pretzel team changing? Is Songtradr running Pretzel’s day-to-day?

The Pretzel team is very excited to be joining the Songtradr family. Our team will continue running the day-to-day, and we remain committed to providing DMCA-safe music to content creators, as well as tools for rights holders to better manage their content. We anticipate this will open a lot of new doors for Pretzel and bring us exciting opportunities for more meaningful and accelerated growth.


What does this mean for Pretzel users & content creators?
The Pretzel service you know and love is only going to keep getting better. Pretzel started as a service created by streamers to address the problem of complex music licensing for content creators. This is still our goal and priority. 

Are we still safe from DMCA for the Pretzel catalog?
Yes. All licenses that Pretzel currently holds are still valid.

Will this change the Pretzel Premium price?
There are no plans to change the subscription price for Pretzel Premium.


What does this mean for artists & labels on Pretzel?
Access to many more licensing opportunities.

Will we have to sign new contracts with Pretzel/Songtradr?

No, only if you want to access new licensing opportunities.

Will this change our royalty percentages?


As artists/labels working with Pretzel, will we have access to Songtradr’s other services?


You can read the full press release here.