Can I submit my music to Pretzel?

Hear your music on Pretzel

Absolutely! Just fill out our submissions form.

If you are an independent artist, a manager or even a distributor, we’d love to show you what Pretzel can offer you or your clients.

To speed up the process, here's what you can do:

  1. Check to see if we already have an arrangement with your distributor.
       Not with a distributor? Check out Songtradr!
       If your distributor is established with Pretzel already, check your options and select to send your music to Pretzel Rocks.
  2. Get your composition data from your PRO.
       We can take PDFs from BMI, but for all others, we will need a CSV file.
       Not sure what a PRO is? Check out this article.

Why do we ask that you're with a distributor and PRO?
This is as much to protect you as it does Pretzel and its users. It confirms that you do indeed have the rights to your content. Remember that all rights holders involved need to consent to license the music to Pretzel. Lastly, it also speeds up the pipeline to ensure we have the correct data for your tracks.