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What is the difference between a free membership and Pretzel Premium?

Pretzel provides music licensed for live streaming to users for free. Pretzel Premium gives you access to more features and helps support artists.

  Free Premium
Access to hundreds of thousands of songs, all licensed for use on Twitch checkmark-sm checkmark-sm
Access to exclusive catalogs from Labels such as Hospital Records   checkmark-sm
Access to Filters: Instrumental Only, Allow Mature, and YouTube Safe checkmark-sm checkmark-sm
Volume normalization checkmark-sm checkmark-sm
Write-to-File feature to display song information on screen checkmark-sm checkmark-sm
Liked Songs playlist checkmark-sm checkmark-sm
Unlimited curated, sharable playlists   checkmark-sm

Mandatory Chat Attribution

checkmark-sm Optional!
Advanced Playback features, including seeking within an individual track   checkmark-sm
Non-interactive Player checkmark-sm  

Free tier does require a mandatory chat attribution. If you need to troubleshoot the chat attributions, you can read more here.