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What is the Status Bar?

On the Pretzel Desktop App, there is a drop-down menu with amazing features for streamers.

To use the status bar, start by clicking on the ellipsis at the bottom of your fully-updated desktop Pretzel Player.

It will expand to show all of our current "status icons". Activated icons are Green. 

"Instrumental Only" Filter

  • When toggled on, this filter will remove all tracks with vocals.

"Mature" Filter


This filter (which is toggled on by default) removes all music from our catalog that contains:

  • Swearing
  • Potentially offensive album artwork
  • Lyrics that are suggestive/sexual in nature.
  • Blatant drug references

Chat Bot Announcing


  • When toggled on, this setting will turn on the Pretzel ChatBot, which is run through the PretzelRocks Twitch account.
  • This feature announces every song played and provides shortened links that lead to your "What's Playing Page" on Pretzel, where audience members can buy/add the song to their streaming lists. 
  • This is option is always ON for our Free Tier and OPTIONAL for premium users

 *Note: It's worth making PretzelRocks a moderator on your channel if you plan on using this feature. This will keep the Pretzel Bot from being timed out or banned from your chat.


"YouTube Safe" mode


  • If you plan on moving any of your streaming content on to YouTube, make sure this filter is toggled ON or you may experience copyright claims. This filter will remove any music which may present claiming issues on YouTube specifically. 
  • The majority of our catalog is NOT YouTube safe.
  • If you care just about your content being safe on Twitch or Mixer, toggle YouTube Safe to OFF

These options are all able to be bound to a hotkey. This means you can use a key bind anywhere on your keyboard to instantly make vocals go away in your current session or to put Pretzel ChatBot in a timeout during quieter times in chat, for example.