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Why have I been banned from Pretzel?

Reasons you might have been banned and how to appeal.

Pretzel reserves the right to ban users from the service without warning.

Reasons you may have been banned:

  • Attacking or DDoSing Pretzel services
  • Exceeding our API rate limits (sometimes well-meaning users create scripts that spam our private APIs, this can result in a ban, please contact us)
  • Attempting to evade free tier required chat attribution (for example banning the PretzelRocks account from your chat)
  • Ban evasion
  • Chargebacks
  • Terms of Service violations
  • Community Guidelines violations

Since your channel/account has been banned, you are no longer eligible for licenses provided by the Pretzel service. Should you continue to use music from Pretzel without license you may be held liable for Content ID claims, muting, DMCA strikes, and copyright infringement.

You may appeal your ban by emailing us.