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Why isn’t all of the music on Pretzel.Rocks “Youtube Safe”?

The Pros and Cons of "YouTube Safe" for Artists and Rights Holders.

Artists and Rights Holders have to choose whether or not they want to give Pretzel the exclusive rights to manage their music in Google/YouTube’s Content ID.

If they do so, they relinquish their monetization for their music on YouTube and in some artist or label's cases, they would lose a substantial amount of revenue.

The benefits of Pretzel managing an Artist or Rights Holder’s music on YouTube are:

  • Stopping theft of nonmonetized music
  • Helping remove false-positive claims
  • Keeping the music “safe” for Pretzel users on YouTube
  • Potential exposure of their music to a much larger audience

If the artist opts-out of giving Pretzel these rights, we still onboard their music into Pretzel because it will still be safe for our users to use on Twitch and Mixer. 

The "YouTube Safe" filter is ON by default when you download the Pretzel player. 

The majority of our catalog is NOT Youtube Safe.