Why isn't my chat attribution working?

Chat attributions are required unless you are a Pro subscriber. However, we understand sometimes things don't always work like they should.

Check your settings.testchat-blank

If you are a Pro member, you have the option to turn chat attributions off. This can be done in the filter buttons on the bottom left (the megaphone) or in your settings page under "What's Playing." Here you can also change the delay so that it better lines up with your stream and any broadcast delay or latency.

Test your connection.testchat

In your player settings, you can now send a test message from PretzelRocks to your Twitch chat.


Check your automod settings.


Do you have hyperlinks blocked? You may need to change this settings, or add Pretzel's short-links to permitted terms and phrases: prtzl.io


Check to see if you are in followers or sub only mode in chat.

You may need to moderate or VIP PretzelRocks in your chat so that it can post links.

If it's still not working?

It could be something else. Maybe you've changed your Twitch account name and the system has your old name still listed as the default.

Our chat attribution is not like a typical bot on Twitch: it does not join your channel and appear in your viewer list. Think of it more as a script that runs when you are live.

If you're still having issues, feel free to let us know in Discord -- we'll need to know any circumstance (such as if you've changed your Twitch account name, if you have more than one Twitch account associated with your computer login, if you have tested the chat message through settings, etc).

You will not be penalized for lack of chat attribution if it is something out of your control. Blocking or banning PretzelRocks from your Twitch chat to avoid chat attributions, however, can be grounds for suspension from the app.